Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Fun Day After A Rough Week

Monday, with Rosie's eye, was just the beginning of a rough week.  Wednesday during the night, Rosie started with stomach issues.  We  were hopeful that she had just eaten something that was making her sick and in 24 hours she would be better.  In 24 hours, she was not only better but worse.  I will put in in "nice" terms and just say that nothing stayed inside and ran out constantly.  I went into work Friday and called and got her a Vet appointment for Friday afternoon.  I took her and she was oooohhhhhh so sick, Poor thing!  It was determined that she had gotten food poisoning from either something she ate rotten in the yard or somewhere or she could have even picked it up from someone.  The big thing, it is highly contagious to other humans and dogs.  She was put on three different types of medications and sent home.  I took her home and got her going on the meds.  Just when we thought all was moving in the healing direction, Maggie began, after dinner, falling down, then could not get up, was very lethargic and was not focusing vision wise.  With her being 16 years old, we were sure this was the end.  We told her good bye and Brusselsprout with the older three girls headed off to an emergency animal clinic since it was evening and our's was closed.  After arriving at the clinic, Maggie started to get better and better.  They think she may of had a stroke or a seizure.  The good news is, Maggie came back home and is doing fine today.  What an emotional roller coaster yesterday was from worrying about Rosie, actually grieving for Maggie and then back to happy by the end of the day.  The good news is Rosie is doing better today and is hopefully on the mend.  None of us have gotten sick so far and I have cleaned carpets and bleached surfaces to try and help that from happening.

Today we met friends at the zoo and enjoyed our day.  It was overcast and only in the 50's and all the animals were out!  It was such a great visit and we sure needed the "fun relief."  After the zoo, we went out to eat with our friends and then headed home for The Littles naps!  Here are pictures of our zoo fun!

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Rita and John said...

What a week! Hope Rosie and Maggie are both doing better. Loved the zoo photos!