Sunday, May 12, 2013

What A Wonderful Mother's Day

First before I get going on my post, Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's out there!

I had such a wonderful day!  I began my day with a cup of hot, fresh coffee by my bed and Brusselsprout was working on breakfast!  What a great start!  We had a wonderful church service, a bagel lunch, a Chinese dinner and tons of fun in the middle!

I received these flowers Friday from my very thoughtful Director!

Today I received these precious gifts and cards from my family.  Ivy made the scarf for me!  What a treasure!

Here are all the plates that I have received over the years including Fayth's from this year!

Mya made this delicious dessert for me for Mother's day.  The middle is a cream cheese.  Yum-Yum!

The most blessed Mom in the world with her family!

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Aus said...

Glad you had the day that you wanted - just joy for y'all!

hugs - aus and co.