Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring Piano Recital

Today the girls had their spring piano recital!  It was a very lovely event and the girls did a GREAT job!

Maylin kicked off the recital with a duet!

Mya played for the offering and then later in the program another song!

Ivy played a duet with her friend!

Katy played two songs!

Ivy played two songs!

Maylin played two songs too!
I just love their spring recital!  It is such a reminder that spring is here!

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Aus said...

Well good morning! Love the piano recital time - Brianna had her's last week - and the girls are working up to Dance in two weeks - love seeing their accomplishments!

And dogs - yeah - there's a reason that dog is God backwards - living proof of what unconditional love is...we humans would be better off if we could take that example!

hugs - aus and co.