Monday, May 6, 2013

What A Wild Ride I have Had

Leaving work, my plans for the evening were very simple.  Pick up the girls, eat dinner, take Mya to her awards ceremony and then home to get everyone off to bed.  My, oh my, how my plans changed.  I came home, made dinner and we began eating.  Brusselsprouts works a long day today so it was just the girls and I.  It became clear that something was wrong with Rosie.  We thought this a.m. she seemed to be favoring one eye by keeping it closed or squinted.  This evening she was very quiet and would just sit with both eyes closed and her head hung.  In the middle of dinner, I called the vet's office.  They said bring her right in.  I set my dinner on the counter and left with Rosie.  The older girls took care of the younger girls to get dinner done.  Upon examining Rosie, it was determined that she had hurt her left eye.  She played yesterday with the neighbor's dog and they think she got her eye scratched.  So, we left with eye salve and anti-inflammatories for Rosie and many dollars later.  I rushed home, literally as I changed clothes for Mya's award ceremony, I shoved the rest of dinner in my mouth.  Mya and I ran back out the door to her ceremony.  The older girls helped the younger with school work and getting ready for bed.  It is so nice that school and Vet are 5 minutes from our house.  After the awards ceremony, I came home and got the younger girls off to bed and now the older girls finish school work. I am bone tired to say the least.  Let's hope tomorrow has less excitement!

Here is Mya accepting a cheerleading participation award!

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Aus said...

I hate full days like that - nothing like a quick emergency to screw the day!!

Glad that rosie is OK - keep and eye on it (pun intended - we all need to smile sometimes) - they can clear quickly but infections can be tricky too!

and Blessings on the olders for stepping up!!

hugs - aus and co.