Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Fayth!

Yesterday Ivy, Katy, Aneyah, Fayth and I went to Chicago to be a part of Love Without Boundaries 10 year anniversary celebration.  (I will share about that in another post.)  We got back this afternoon in time to celebrate Fayth's 5th Birthday.  She was so excited!!!!

She opened her presents:

She went out for a Mexican dinner and then had ice cream/brownie cake!

Happy, Happy Birthday our dear sweet Fayth!!!
We love you sooooo much!!!!


Aus said...

Happy Birthday Fayth!!

hugs - aus and co.

Rita and John said...

Happy birthday to Fayth! I wish we had been able to make it to the LWB celebration!

Kylie's momma said...

Oh so sweet! ONE whole hand old now! Happy Birthday Miss Fayth!