Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy Forever Family (Gotcha) Day Fayth!

Two years ago in the City of Nanchang, Province of Jiangxi, Country of China, Fayth Minjia was placed in my arms.  Ivy was with me and it was such an amazing experience to receive Fayth with the very daughter that I went alone to China to receive! Fayth had just turned age 3 two weeks before we received her!

Fayth came to us and jumped right into our family.  It was like she had complete understanding of what was happening.  She embraced us with smiles about an hour or so after receiving her and every day she gave us more and more of her trust and love!  Fayth was just such a well adjusted child.  She was potty trained, she knew manners, she slept very well and was over all, a very happy child!
Happy, Happy Gotcha Day Our Sweet Fayth!



Aus said...

Wow - I didn't realize y'all had "dueling gotcha days"! Great stuff - all of our days are on the 26th of the month - but in January, March, and November! Just extremely good days - regardless of the month!

hugs - love seeing your family!

aus and co.

Lillie Family said...

My Luke is also from Jiangxi..he is in Fuzhou though. Email me and let me know about your latest addition?! Glad Louise connected us!!