Monday, February 10, 2014

Brynn's Ultra Sound

Brynn had her bladder and kidney ultra sound today!  I fear cathing may be in her future.  They did the bladder with it full, then I had her go potty and she only emptied to 53 percent still full.  An acceptable amount is 10 percent left in the bladder.  So that indicates that she only put out half of what was in her bladder (her bladder was very full) which means that leaves urine in the bladder for infection which she is on an antibiotic for an infection right now.  We will see what the Urologist has to say!  Just from my experience, this is what I think!!

This Brynn's favorite candy that we picked up from the Chinese store.  It is Hawthorne and she just loves it!!!  I have to admit, so do I!

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tconlan said...

I hope you hear some good news from the urologist. I just keep marveling at how calm and happy Brynn seems with every experience. What a trooper! She's a beautiful girl (she fits right in with the rest of those sweet Majewski girls!) Give them all hugs from us!