Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Praising God

Aneyah wore this brace for the last time last night!  She went to the Doctor today for a checkup and her curve went from 29 down to 24.  She is taking a 3 month break from the brace.  If in 3 months her curve stays the same or gets even better without the brace, she won't wear it again until a big growth spurt.  Praise The Lord!
We also got the results back from Aneyah's bone density test and that is normal too!  Yeah!!
On top of this good news, we got Brynn's kidney results back and they are normal.  Now to wait for the bladder results!
God is sooo good!!!


tconlan said...

I'm so happy to hear such great news!! Yea!!!

Reena said...

Wonderful!!! Wonderful news all the way around. I am so happy for Aneyah! It is absolutely amazing how easily scoliosis can be corrected if caught and addressed early on.