Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What A Day!

We woke up to this today!  No school and only travel was allowed if you were emergency personal so now work either!

And it did this all day!  The pictures above are at 7:00 AM and the pictures below were around 1:00 PM!

I just had to add some cuteness into the ugly snow pictures!  We are so tired of snow! 
Brynn got her first Bible, which the girls always get from Grandpa and Grandma! Then I think the next gift is a hint that Grandpa and Grandma would like to meet Brynn and a trip to their house is in order! :)  I am joking but Grandpa and Grandma always give the cute suitcase too for visiting.  Brynn was so excited to receive both.  She got her Easter basket too but I will show that at Easter time filled with goodness! 


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